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Baby Angel Sakura (B-chan)
|| living in the moment ||
20th-Nov-2004 07:15 pm - Wandering Eyes......
As you have noticed that my journal is kinda of bare..........

//Friends Only//Comment to be Added//

Wondering where all my past entries have they gone???? Don't worry they're still here, but see I've decided to make this journal "Friends Only." Why? Well, there are a few people I don't want reading my journal, and since there is no way of stopping them from coming to my journal (even if I change my account), I can restrict who reads my journal. Besides I've been wanting to do this for a long time, ever since I got the journal, cause I've always wanted to put a friends only banner ^-^;;

I know there are a few of you who don't have lj and read my entries....DON'T WORRY GUYS! Just go to my other blog/journal where I update. It's basically the same, but I will not put the link up here mainly because then the people I don't want to read my journal will be there and therefore you won't be able to read much either again. So, if you want to read my entries just email/comment and give me a way to contact you. Those of you who have lj just comment and I'll most likely add you.

But if you're looking to make you're friend's link look bigger don't bother. Give me a reason for me to add you. I don't want to go to my friends page and read a whole bunch of junk! I actually read my friend's page and comment, even those who've I have just met. I'm really nice. I won't bite. ^.^


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