Baby Angel Sakura (B-chan)

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7 September 1986
Hi everyone! I'm Bar, but more commonly known on the net as Baby Angel Sakura. I love working on sites, layouts, graphics and anything that requires me to go full out. I love a challenge. I'm a total Anime fan and do not say I'm a child! Cuz I know many adults who are insane for anime and would do anything for it. I love listening to people's problems. Give advice when I have a brain...which lately I don't. I love reading tho for the past year and half I haven't read a single book. I feel useless at times...but that's not the point. I love to keep myself busy, that way I don't get lazy...Usually that keeps me content. Tho...lazy can be good...especially when ur stubborniness and lazyiness fight with each other. I love to travel. hm....one place I still want to go is Australia ^^ hm...i'm known not to say what's bothering me, but that's cuz I don't always know what's bothering me....

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